Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How to get traffic to your website

It is so easy to say that I want to earn from Adsense but how can you earn from Adsense if your page is not seen in Google search or any other search engine? You need to learn a lot about SEO and how to get your website up there.

For the past one month, I have been reading a lot about SEO and how to earn from Adsense. It is challenging and fun to learn the ways that we can do to get our website or page optimized.

Thanks to the SEO Queen (that's what she called herself coz she is damn good, I tell you!), I learn a lot about SEO and started seeing money coming into my Adsense account. Not much but better than ZERO! That is on the blogger's view.

As a company who has a website, to get your website optimized is very important. It's like getting a strategic location for your business. If your business is situated where the traffic flow is heavy, I am sure you won't have time to warm your seat.

In search engine, that is the Top 10 placement when people search for a certain keywords that point to your company. Interested to earn more business? I am sure Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization company would be delighted to help you.

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lysa said...

hi mich,

ur entry is quite good and i've learned something from it.
tks for teaching me to hv my google adsense account and I earned a little.

i am also clicking some of it in your site...
hv a great day and update me some infos on how to earn

tks a lot friend!