Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Spider Not Killed; The Cobweb Will Come Back

That is what hubby said when I told him what my brother did when his daughters misbehave at home.

Just now they played with the shoe wax. The 3yo opened the shoe wax, the 1yo smeared it all over her face. When conveyed this to my brother, he blamed the person that kept the shoe wax in the shoe rack! He said to put it on higher place. How would we know that his daughters will play with it?

The aquarium in the living hall is gone now because his daughters like to dig the styrofoam under the aquarium. You see, instead of disciplining them, he removed the aquarium. It's like destroying the cobweb but not the spider; the cobweb will be built again the next day.

A few things in the house have been kept away including our antique poker tables because his daughters like to climb on it. I wonder what else will put away soon. I think it would be their mommies undies coz they wear playing with it, wearing them on their heads while my mom who babysits them while their parent go to work was cooking.

If my children were to do that, they will sure get the disciplining from me!

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