Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Business and New Life in Foreign Country

A blogger friend of mine recently migrated to our neigbouring country to start a fresh there; new business, new environment and new language. That is a real challenge I would say. Not only you have to adjust to the new environment, you need to learn their language that you never know of before. Not only that, the people in that country hardly speak English! Doing business with them is a greater challenge to me.

Living in my own country, we are already struggling to get more business. I guess it all boiled down to one's determination and ambition. Seeing the business prospect in the country, he is willing to take the risk. I came to know that they are trading some digital device from Japan. Once everything are set up and running, they would need to hire Branding Agency to get their product known in the market.

I hope they will succeed and prosper in the business and adjusting well to new environment. Once they settle down, I am going to pay them a visit and get them to be my tour guide. She promises free stay, free food and free tour. And best of all, her children and mine are of the same age. Perfect!

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