Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My Savings Account Short of Almost RM2k!!!

From time to time I will login to one of the banks to check my balance because for foreign bank you must have minimum RM2k in your savings account if not you will be charged RM5 each monthly whenever the balance is less than RM2k.

That bank is also being use to pay my home loans and insurance. So I have to monitor whether I have enough money in it. As far as I know, this month won't short of cash there.

I still login to be sure. Lo and behold, I saw the amount is less than RM1k! I panicked. More than RM1,900 has been transferred to a credit card. I checked my credit card statement; confirmed, never spend that much.

Who stole my hard earn money???

Tried calling UOB 121, my house phone key not functioning! Can dial telephone number but can't choose whether I want English or Malay or Chinese. Then I called the local bank branch here. The officer told me that the money was being payment for Mastercard. Aha! Must be my husband's. Hmmm...I wonder he bought diamond or LV and for who??? Anniversary was 3 months ago; my birthday long time some more.

Buzz him on Gmail chat, he said he dunno wor! Asked me to check his credit card statement. Found the statement; still in the envelope, unopened; last month one. Since the wife is paying his bills, he can't be bothered to look at his statement! Angry lar.

Found the amount being paid to ING. Who's insurance??? His? Cannot be, his is Manulife. Told hubby to call the agent. It's our son's yearly payment! All this while I thought I am paying his insurance monthly. Must get the agent to set it to monthly next year. One time got to pay so much; it hurts a lot! Especially now when we are really short cash! :(

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Sasha said...

eh not paid monthly wan ah ?

liek dat can get heart attack ler