Thursday, August 07, 2008

Errands make me Broke!

Went to the bank to withdraw money to top up my bank account. At least now I do have to worry for 2 months home loan installment.

Then went to collect i-Kad for the maid. Thank God this is free.

After that, went to my apartment to pay the outstanding water bills not paid by previous tenant and also paid up the Maintenance fee until end of the year.

Then put up "For Rent" sign on my apartment. I really hope and pray that we will get a new and trustworthy tenant really, really soon. If not, I don't know where to find RM1.5k additional every month.

My mistakes too also; I should not depend on tenants to pay my home loan. But what to do, so used to it since the first day we bought our apartments. Now suffer lor.

Now, I am just hoping to get more offers to write paid post and more clicks on my Adsense. And as for hubby, more sales please. Come print at my shop.

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