Monday, August 04, 2008

Art Class

Due to our financial situation right now, I have stopped my girl from attending art class in town. This month, the fee has increased from RM35 to RM40. It is not only the fee that matters but the parking fee, petrol and time. Since it is in town, we will tend to have supper after her art class ended! That is extra expenses.

Well, I am not that cruel to just let her stop completely. Come this Wednesday, she will be attending art class in her own kindy. It is only RM25 per month and they will teach her from basic; colour matching and drawing skill. It will start 1 hour after her kindy ended, so I will just send her lunch when fetching her sister home and fetch her before going home from my mom's after lunch. That would save a lot of petrol and time; not forgetting art class fee too. :D

With her passion in arts, I am sure in no time I would need Art Storage. I hope that her skills will really be polished and she will create her masterpiece soon.

If she is not good in her studies, which she is VERY good at, she can always open an art class and teach. That is a good business now. If she has a fix job next time, she could do that part time and earn more money. :D

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