Friday, August 22, 2008

Apply Credit Card Online; No More through Fax cards. What would I do without them? Since I got my first credit card right after I graduated, I never leave home without one. Going out without a credit card is like going out without a purse. That is because I seldom keep much cash in my purse. (psst...I don't have much cash either! hehe)

When I applied for my first credit card, it was all done through fax and telephone call.It not only cost extra expenses for the credit card provider but it takes a lot of my time too. They called, I agreed, they faxed the form, I filled the form; form not clear, I have to call them to clarify, I faxed the form, they called to verify and I waited and waited and waited. If I am not mistaken, it takes a month before I received the credit card.

Almost 10 years later, credit card can be applied online through website like We have so many credit cards to choose from so many providers. All our questions about credit card are just a click away. Online application takes minutes and approval within a few days. Then we can start swiping and enjoy the rewards they offered.

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