Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Old Junk; 1st Price in Sports Toto!!!

Take a look at the 1st Price number. Now stare properly that the number plate of my old junk.

I am rich! I am rich! I am rich!!!!!!

Ya right! If only I buy 4D. I am Christian lar, I don't buy 4D. :P

And my dad bought at other places but not at Sports Toto. He just mentioned to his sister last weekend that my car can make money. He strike a few times already! You see this car used to be his; I bought from him at RM3500 after I gave birth to my eldest; 5 years ago.

And only yesterday I snap the above picture to show off my new old junk colour. Yes! I am repainted it; no more the dull red colour.

If my father strike the 4D, then the cost of repainting would be free and road tax renewal also free. Road tax and insurance expiring end of this month. Nasib, nasib.


shoppingmum said...

aiyo, what a waste, I will bang my head against the wall now if i were u. :P

kiasumum said...

*bang myself onto the wall*.... if not i got new maid for FREE!!!

jazzmint said...

aiya wasted keke....i used to have an old junk oso but sold edi

chooi peng said...

the plate number is like flight number of MAS! hahhaha

babyfiona said...


eh! I saw my car number there as well!! I am rich!! Wweeee!!

Samm said...

I give you plaster just in case you still wanna go bang your head, hoh.... NAH.... take and keep