Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Free Checking Account

In this cashless society, besides credit cards, checking account is a must for every household. If you have credit cards then you must have checking accounts ; if not how are you going to pay your credit card bills. Unless your credit card provider is your bank too; then you can just pay online.

Anyway, to have a checking account, it is not free. Not only you won't be paid interest, you have to pay for your check book. So when you write your check, no mistake please. Every single sheet cost money!

Aha! I am here to tell you that you can get free checks with a WaMu personal checking account. You don't believe me??? Go check it out yourself!

If you sign up for WaMu Free Checking™, you will be blessed with free checks, free check safekeeping, and free wire transfers.

If you want to be paid interest, try their Platinum try Platinum Checking, WaMu's interest checking account. Their interest-bearing checking account comes with free bank checks and money orders, and free Identity Theft Services, too.

Here's more...With a WaMu checking account, you can access your money with our Debit MasterCard® and at thousands of WaMu's free ATMs.

What more can you ask right? =D

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