Monday, May 19, 2008

Should I RePaint My Old Junk

I got so excited that hubby managed to reserve for me so many Blogi opp that I got to go out to get something to bite before I start blogging away that I almost break my car door. Read all about it here.

That will need to be fixed soon unless I don't mind getting all wet when driving in the rain.

Hubby suggested to get the old junk repaint since the paint came out too with some rusted part.

My question is, should I repaint since I will be getting a new car by beginning next year and that car will really be an old junk. I don't think I can sell it since it has no value at all unless I sell it as scrap metal.

Unless I decide not to buy a new car, then only I will repaint it.

Meantime, I don't mind driving an unpresentable old junk. Let people think that I am poor, no one would rob me. LOL

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