Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Image

My boss just ordered a new mock up for our new bottle design. The first mock up was not up to their expectation. One mock up of a 4L bottle cost RM1k! And it is made of solid wood. They are willing to spend because this time the boss is planning to market his brand to Europe. So the design has to be the latest and most unique. Something that will make the consumer stops for a second glance.

Branding is very important too besides design and product quality. No matter how good your product quality is but you cannot come up with a exceptional brand image and brand identity, people will forget your brand in no time.

This is where we need the service from company like They will deliver a fully integrated marketing communications program for the company and its brands. To do that they will conduct a brand audit and analysis of your brand identity and brand image; review all corporate and marketing communications, internal and external.

Our company does have its own website but they are not attracting many customers. Boss must really consider them and really do a renovation to our current company website. Not only we need a new bottle design, we do need a new web design.

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