Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cellphone Line Barred Again

Lady Boss called me at 8.30am sharp to inform me that her Maxis line is barred again. Asking whether the payment made recently has been cleared. As far as I know, all settled.

The moment she stepped in her office, I called Maxis. All payment cleared. No overdue only that the credit limit is overlimit. Limit RM1,150.00 but from 24/4 till today, they have used almost RM1,300.00. My lady boss got a shock and as for individual statement because under the same account, that's my big boss number, hers and her daughter.

Even before the Customer Service informed her about the amount I suspected it must be from her teenage daughter phone. True enough, hers is more than RM600!

She is sure gonna get it from her Mom this evening! According to my lady boss, last month she spent RM200++ on SMS only.

So I told her to just get her the prepaid card. Easier to control that way. ;)

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