Sunday, March 30, 2008

First Family Vacation

This would be our first family vacation, almost, because my son will be left behind. We will be heading to Rawang today, stay over night at BIL's house and drive up to Genting on Monday morning.

When my son is 3 years old, I will plan for another trip there. If God bless us abundantly, we might be able to visit Disney World! :D

Let's talk about expenses since I always blog about Dollar and Cents here. =P

Theme Park Hotel - Triple Room - RM78.88 one night
All Park Theme Park Ticket - RM38.88 x 2 - got it from Matta Fair.
Rent A Car - Offered RM200 but BIL didn't want it. We'll see about it when we get back. :)
Tidbits - RM50.00

More will come and I hope not so much more lar...hehehe


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