Saturday, March 08, 2008

Black Friday Deals

Women can resist not spending money on good food but they can't resist not spending more shopping. Ok lar, I am talking about myself here. Whenever I go shopping, I will sure grab something, anything. Most if the time now, as a mother, I would buy clothes or toys for my children even though I go there with the intention of buying my clothes!

Since our last expensive dinner at Seoul Garden Buffet & BBQ Steamboat, we spent $60 there. Ya, that is expensive to us. We are not a big income earner. After the meal, we agreed not to spend money on expensive food or dining out too often. The money will be saved for our holiday trips.

Just 2 days after that I spent the money which is supposed to be our eating out fund, shopping! With bfads, the more I can't resist not shopping online. The deals are so tempting, I could save a lot when I shop there with the coupon codes provided and they even email you when the latest Black Friday ads are posted. They have most of the well known merchant like WalMart,, Toys ‘R’ Us, Amazon, Babies ‘R’ Us and much more.

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