Friday, February 01, 2008

She Got One Month Bonus!

What a surprise! After more than 8 years of working here, my colleague finally got one month bonus. For the pass 8 years, her bonus was Basic Pay minus RM200.

I am so happy for her because she really deserves it. She got more work than me. Hehe.

It could also be that the boss worry that she will resign too as my colleague is also my aunt by marriage. I was the one who brought her to work here.

Whatever it is, I praise God for His blessing. Btw, I got RM80 more, just to round up my basic pay to the nearest hundred.


chooi peng said...

good. later CNY i go to melaka, you bao me food and hotel, ok?

Michelle said...

ok...nyonya food and hotel Bong