Saturday, February 02, 2008

Free Hair Cut

Anyone wanna free hair cut (fringe only) by the best hairdresser in town? hehehe

Every year when CNY is nearing the hairdresser will normally charge extra RM2 to the normal charges and say that is for Angpow money. Hello. Sudah tua bangka pun mo Angpow??? Well, this is just another excuse to squeeze our money.

So to save money, my colleague requested me to trim her fringe. Well, this is not the first time I did this for her. But today is the first time, I used the plastic bag to cover her t-shirt. hehe. Good idea eh. :)

Btw, I do have a nice butt right??? kekeke


wen said...

can cut the whole hair?

Michelle said...

can...using hair clipper...if u don't mind bald head. :P