Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quite, Quiet & Quick

On MSN chat

A: Blogi quite
B: ya

Assuming she misspelled “quiet”. Well we have not being seeing any offer from Blogi for 2 weeks already. So Blogi is Quiet.

Chat continues…
A: Now can use for Blogi
B: Huh? Where got Blogi?
A: You didn’t reserve Blogi meh?
B: When? You didn’t inform me!!!
A: I told you, you said “ya” (quoted the above chat)


B: I thought you said “Blogi quiet.”
A: Oh typo error. I wanted to say, “Blogi quick.”

Ello, Quite or Quiet is way different from Quick. Maybe the first 3 letter words are the same. :P

You see lar, that is why teacher always say that spelling is very important. Now, I lost a few USD already. :(


jesslyn said...

hahahaha.....go ask for compensation!

huisia said...

i am wondered who is the "B"? Don't tell me is you!!