Thursday, January 31, 2008

IT Services

When I first join the company, this company does not even have their own website and they are dealing with MNC. What a shame. They wanted to save money in every area that they could and waited for government grants. True enough, the government offered a grant for SMEs to develop their own website.

We did not even have to approach any IT consulting company. One of the contractors for this grant approached us and offered to set it all up. As usual he marked up the price so that he can earn more! That is where the tax payers hard earned money gone to. To these blood sucking leeches. Ei…leech do sucks blood! :P

We taught he was a professional but sad to say that the website that was developed is not up to my expectation based on the amount of money spent. It was just a plain website.

If your company really wants professional touch in your IT needs, get a well known It consulting firm. It will be worth the money spent. Just take a look at Boston IT Services. It offers comprehensive IT outsourcing solutions like Network integration, Business application development, Network monitoring, IT support and Preventive care. No need headache.

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