Thursday, January 24, 2008

Is A Box of Mandarin Oranges considered as a bribe?

We have problem with the 18L pail’s cover. The top middle part of the cover crack after we close the pail with the cover. So I called the Sales Manager to come take a look and also bring along the replacement. She came with the QC Manager.

We went out for lunch together since it was lunch time and no one is in the factory. She brought along 2 boxes of Mandarin Oranges. This she told me when we arrived at the factory after lunch.

“You want me to put one box in your car ah?”

I don’t have to think twice, I immediately answered her, “No thanks, I don’t take bribe.”

We laughed. I know she did not mean to bribe me but it is so common for the manager to take one home and one for the company. But it me, that is not right. Even if she offers me free room voucher for hotel in Vegas, I won't accept. The item is for the company. We will eat them together. Everyone is happy. I don’t want to have that guilt feeling of eating more than my colleague! Hehe

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