Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Half Day Office Work

Can you guess?

I did not expect it but my boss counter offered me with only half day work, for half my salary of course. I can choose either I want to work in the morning or afternoon. If I accept their offer I would be working in the morning of course coz my plan is to be there for my children after the return home from school.

I am not so sure whether I will accept this offer. Maybe I will since my link pop job is so tough! If I don't get a certain numbers of links within the given hours, no more new job for me. :( Not easy to earn AUD leh. :P

My lady boss said they wanted to help me. Told me that I can work until I find a stable income. In a way they are quite nice to me. I thank God for that.

Anyway, I will counter offer too. hehe. Must jual mahal a lil bit mah. :P Work from 8.30am - 12 noon only instead of 12.30pm from Mon to Thu coz I have to fetch my girls from kindy at 12. Friday, I'll work till 12.45pm coz they left school at 11.30am; my dad fetch them. Trouble my dad for one day a week only. And no work on Sat.

If they accept, then I might work for them.

Anyway, I have not really think through this. I think I will only let them know after CNY. :)

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