Saturday, December 08, 2007

Risk Taker

Lots of people that I know are a risk taker. Not risk taker in business but risk taker in getting fast and easy money which also means they might loose their money fast too. Most of them are either involve in stock market or gambling at the casino or both.

My colleague's in laws love going to Genting Highland. Not for the theme park. Not for the cold weather but to gamble! Almost every month she will go there with her father. She is not working though. Well, her husband must be either rich or work like no tomorrow to support his gambler wife.

Recently my colleague told me that she just bought a computer and installed the broadband. I wonder; could it be that she found out about online casino? If yes, I think her husband has to find more than one job to pay for her credit cards spending on online casino unless she is really good at gambling and wins all the time.

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