Thursday, December 06, 2007

People Search

There is something about search engine that most people do not like. Most of the search results are not what they are hoping to find. Imagine typing in the keyword "Michelle" and you will get thousands upon thousands of links that is related to the word "Michelle". That is what happens in many the major search engine like Google, Yahoo or MSN. Then you have to go to their advance search to narrow down the search. Even then you would have thousands of links appearing in the results list.

The information that you are looking for might be buried in one of these thousands of links. If you do have patience clicking through the list, then it is okay. But if you are like me who have little patience, giving up is the nicer option to choose unless it is a matter of life or death to get that information. If you are looking for one search engine that focuses not only on information but more on people, then you should try Spock. Never heard of Spock?

Well, - The Best Way to Search People. If the subject or person that you are searching for do have his or her information in any of the websites, blogs, MySpace or any place on the net, then you can use Spock to get better and narrower results. I tried to find my own information and walla, I found it within a few clicks that referred me back to my blog. It is quite simple to use especially when you know more information about that person. And the good thing about Spock is that you can add various information or "tag" about that person. Why should you be doing that?

Well, if you know personally the person that you are searching on Spock and if you add more "tag" or personal piece of information then it would be easier for others to search for that person.

Look what I found when I search for Michelle Yeoh.

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