Wednesday, December 05, 2007

No Vision For The Company

You see, in order for US instead of HIM to come up with the company Quality Policy, we need to know the vision of company. With the vision then only we can create a policy to help the company achieve that vision.

I was given the task to ask boss about it coz as usual the OM "cannot" talk to the boss. To my surprise, boss has no vision for the company. He told me that because the market is so bad no, everything is uncertain.

I know his "vision". Make a lot of profit by spending minimal overhead cost. That is of course, our pay and continue with the policy of no fringe benefit. :(


Tot's Mom said...

Err, I think most bosses are like that. Profits come before anything else. That's life, I guess.
By the way, are you in my blogroll already? I must check. If not, I'll add you in. Cheers!

SayangMommy said...

I understand your frustration. I'm going through almost the same thing over here at my place.