Tuesday, December 04, 2007


There was a story about the concept of Mentorship. It was said that long time ago, there was a man who had to go far away from his home for a long time. He had a son who was still young and he left the care of his son to one of his servant named Mentor. When he was away, his servant Mentor taught his son all the skills and knowledge. When he came back from his journey, his son has become a grown up adult, independent and able to face life on his own. Thus, we have this concept of Mentorship.

We might not be aware that in certain period of our lives, we have been mentored by others in some aspects of life. It could be the way we communicate to others or the way we handle certain situations in life. If we are able to handle certain situations in life because we have seen and been taught on how to handle it by certain people, then this is Mentorship at work. If you want to be mentored on doing paid post or on how to get money by blogging, you can check out Chris Bloczynski dot Com. He has experienced mentorship and guidance and would love to share his knowledge with you.

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