Friday, December 21, 2007

Generous Employer; Not Mine

I really envy those who still have their annual leave and bringing it forward to next year. I don't even have enough for this year.

I also envy those who receive months and months of bonus each year. Mine, one month also don't have.

I also envy those who have all the fringe benefit that I can only dream about. I can't even claim my medical fee when I have fever.

Why your bosses so generous one? It is really worth the effort to work so hard for this kinda employer ya. :)

Even though it is peak season now, I am sure you won't feel the pinch going for vacation. Anyone going for the Cancun Vacation? Kinda interesting if you can visit the all-inclusive nudist resort in the Mexican Caribbean, Hidden Beach. Can see all kinda shapes, sizes and colour! hehehe.

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