Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do you remember me?

Whenever you meet a person and were introduced to a person, it would be good if you can remember his name. One of the best ways to remember the person's name is to say the person's name again when referring to him/her. Try to use the person's name as often as you can during that conversation. I am sure that if you can remember his/her name when meeting him/her in future, she/he would be impressed. Everybody loves to know that they are remembered by others. Remembering a person's name is one indication that you are interested to know that person more.

It is quite easy to remember one or two names but if you have to meet different people everyday, the task of remembering names can be very difficult. It can be quite embarrassing if we refer to a person with a different name. And it is definitely a No No if you are in the marketing field. That is why you should consider Saleslogix Mobile CRM. Use technology to help you in your sales and marketing strategies. With Saleslogix you can check out all the data available on your customers or potential customers before meeting them. Knowledge is a very powerful asset to have. Customers who are impressed with what you know will normally turn to you for the service that you can offer them. There are more features of Saleslogix that you might be interested to know. So check it out.

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