Friday, December 21, 2007

BlockQuote Are No Longer Allowed

I learn something new today about blogging and writing paid post.

I received an email recently from BTOP requesting me to edit a post that I wrote for them because I copied the advertiser's content. Even though the content was in block quote, it is still not allow. So I edited and I request BTOP to clarify about this matter.

Below is the reply from BTOP:

The text even in block quote are still crawled through by the Search Engines and would register as duplicate content, especially if the copied part is more than one sentence. It was good that you have quoted and have given credits to the source but the text should not be copied verbatim so that the source does not lose Search Engine ranking. This recent SE algorithm affects all websites, even for blogs, Internet-wide. I'm sorry to say that all copied posts, even in blockquote are no longer allowed.

So now, no more block quote. Rewrite, rephase, use our own words. Don't be lazy (like me). Haha.

Oh ya, I am also reminded to register in the new BlogToProfit website and list down all our blogs. All link opportunities will be viewed from our new BTOP account from this point forward.


msaufong said...

how to register in BTOP? they didn't email me to register also?

Michelle said...

just go to their website. :)

i guess BTOP love me too. :P