Saturday, November 24, 2007

Would You Spend Money on Diamond

If my hubby now or my future hubby then asks me whether I would want a diamond ring. This is what I would reply him, "Why do you want to waste money on something that is so expensive and high possibility, I would not even use it for the fear that I might damage it or loose it!"

Due to it, I do not have a single diamond jewellery in my jewellery box. Don't feel sad for me, I am totally okay with it. I am too practical at times. I do have a lot of wedding jewellery too. That was bought by my mom and mother-in-law as my wedding gift. By the way, I do not wear them too. The only accessory that I have on my body is a watch.

It is not convenient to wear gold jewellery or any jewellery in this case when you have small kids to mind. They either pull them or I might hurt or scratch them with the jewellery. Wear them during function? I hardly have any function to attend. :P

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