Sunday, November 18, 2007

Turn Your Check into Cash within Minutes

It is kind of frustrating when you go to local bank ATM to withdraw some cash and here isn’t any left. So what to do if you badly need some cash especially when it comes to emergency cases like paying medical fee, your car broke down or even someone’s special birthday. You don’t want to disappoint her by not getting her something special on her birthday, especially if you are still wooing her!

Here’s another scenario. You need Fast Cash but you do not have money in your savings account and payday is another 2 weeks to go. Where to find cash? Shy to ask from your parents, siblings, relatives or friend? Look for Check Into Cash.

All you need to do is write a personal post-dated check for the amount you want to borrow, plus the payday loan fee. Check Into Cash will hold that check until your next payday.

If you want your cash there and then, then hop over to their centre with your photo ID, latest bank statement and proof of income. It only takes a few minutes to receive a payday advance from Check Into Cash!

You can also apply online, no documents are needed but funds will only be deposited into your account the next business day. Your payment will be debited electronically (ACH) from your active checking account on the date your payment is due.
Btw, the above is for US only.

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