Monday, November 19, 2007

Just Because of Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

PayU took away my 4 pending task which is not expiring yet and mark my blog as inactive! The bandwidth limit of my blog at Sketches of Life exceeded at 4am last week and so happened that PayU check that blog around that time and consider that blog as inactive.

I immediately took out my checking accounts to confirm whether I made payment to my webmaster. Yup! Paid! Send SMS, send email, and I even called his mobile and he doubled up my bandwidth by 9am. Told me that I have extraordinary traffic at 4am. Hmm...must be virus! LOL. However until today, PayU still have not activated that blog. :(

I so sad leh...Tigapi also rejected my post by they tell me to contact my webmaster to fix the bandwidth. I wonder whether PayU understand the meaning of Bandwidth Limit Exceeded. At least give me sometime to fix it. Ini takda, terus cakap blog gua inactive. Grrr...

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