Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Will Resign

I have made up my mind that even if paid post doesn’t work anymore, I will still resign from my job. It is not money anymore. It is about my dignity. If that’s the right term.

It is going to be 9 years serving for the company. What do I get? Just the basic salary which is very much lower compared to the salary given by other companies with my qualification.

Why I stayed on till now? Well, I thought and they promised that if I stayed on they will know how to appreciate my loyalty.

Pardon my language. All their promises are BULLSHIT!

Even their own BIL they do not know how to appreciate, what more someone who has no blood relation with them.

I felt used by them and am not going let them continue using me.

Now everyday we must be punctual clocking in, 1 minute late, our name will be in the black book. They don’t want to know whether we leave the office late. All they want to know is you don’t come in late and you don’t go back early.

And most of the time when I send my children home after lunch, I will need to rush back to the office and I think my hubby couldn’t understand why I need to rush. A few times he asked, “Why when I asked you to do something, you have to go. Can’t you do it then go? It will only take a while.” Every minutes count, dear! I hate being question why are you late? I can’t answer, “I have to wash my children’s butt. I have to prepare milk for them. They won’t let me go to work etc.”

My job is not stressful but clocking in and out on time is very stressful for me.

So next year the breadwinner of the family will be handed to hubby. Time to live on his income. If circumstances requires me to work, then only I will look for other job. Meantime I want to enjoy my life being a SAHM. :)

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Montessorimum said...

Welcome to SAHM-hood..but I guess you are most likely to call yourself WFHM with earning $$ frm blog. :D