Thursday, October 04, 2007

Who Needs Provillus?

Men or women who are balding should consider provillus which prevent hair loss and to help regrow hair naturally. From the review that I read at this product really works and it received 5 stars rating from the customer. It is worth a try if you really need it. The price is at $39.95 per bottle but if you buy more, of course they will be more savings.

So far, thank God even though my hair drops a lot especially during the first few months of pregnancy and the first few months after giving birth, I see not sign of balding. This hair loss thing depends on genes. My grandfather head was covered with thick black hair when he died. Yes black hair at 80 years old. You won’t see any grey hair unless you really look closely. The same goes with my dad, he has slightly more but his hair still looks black. So, am not worrying here. :)

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