Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fast & Easy Cash

I took another half day unpaid leave yesterday to do some banking. Activate my dormant account and apply for debit card since Malaysian can withdraw from Paypal through Credit Card or Debit Card. Of course I will opt for Debit Card because I don't want to go spending my money if it is stuck in my Credit Card.

Then I went to another bank to deposit RM20 each to my children's savings account and had a chat with the bank officer who is also my friend. She informed me about that now we can get personal loan without guarantor or collateral for a minimum amount of RM5000, I can't remember the maximum amount. I think this is good as to minimize Malaysian borrowing from the loan shark with interest much higher than the bank which could cost their life and their family's if the borrower fails to pay the loan.

Since the festive season is coming, I am sure many will opt for this easy cash. But for those living in UK and US, you might want to consider cash advance which you can apply online if you ever need the emergency cash.

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