Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Online Business

I am very excited thinking about resigning. If I resign then I would not sell my old junk until I can make 10k a month like those blogging queens. I don't think I have the ability and knowledge to have so many niche blog.

Since this blog talks my work most of the time, what would this blog become then after I resign? Well, I can still blog about working from home. Still earning money and spending money. :)

Maybe I should start an online business? I am sure Ashop Commmerce would be able to provide me with good shopping cart software. It is easy to set up, affordable too, customize design for us to choose that comes with tech support and customer service plus search engine optimized structure. We can be assured of secure hosting, free emails, 128 bit SSL checkout security, design services, full fraud alerts and web promotion services.

How to say "No" to Ashop? :)

Hmm...What should I sell then?

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