Monday, October 22, 2007

Mistake Cost A Lot of Money

Bankers are human too. They make mistake. That is what just happened to one of hubby's brothers. He just bought a house and calculated wrongly the home loan amount and he is now short of 30k to pay for the down payment.

My generous hubby told him that we have some cash if he needs it. Of course he needs it! He is short of 30k! But I told hubby that it is not right to lend to him the cash because we owe hubby's eldest brother almost 60k for the capital to start the internet cafe business. We should pay him first instead of lending that brother our savings.

I told hubby that if he really needs the money, we will pay hubby's eldest brother and he gets the cash from him, not us. He then told hubby that he will think about it.

Please don't borrow from me, I want to buy car! :P

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