Monday, October 01, 2007

Make Pounds with Money4Banners

I found out about Money4Banners when this gentleman (oh! sorry the blogger is a girl!) left a comment in my blog. Before I publish any comments, I will usually check the commenter's blog if any to see whether it is a spam or porn site. Well, he has 3 blogs that talks about making money online!

With Money4Banners, we will get paid in pounds, that RM x 7! Once your blog is approved, you will be paid £10.00 for signing up and then £5.00 every month (Amazon voucher or cash via PayPal) as long as the banner is up in your blog.

I just sign up and hoping my blog will be approved in 2 days time. It would be wonderful if we can make £5.00 instead of USD5.00, then I would be investing my money in real estate. :)

But then, I think I will ask my BIL who is living in UK to open a PayPal account and I will give this money to him instead because they are very tight financially due to my SIL's breast cancer illness.


GettyCash said...

Hi, I just added the example of M4B banner ads. you go to check out at my blog.

by the way, I am a girl hehe.

GettyCash said...

I don't have a website so I use their affiliate program to make some money while waiting for the time I have money to purchase my own domain. I want to have life and fashion blog.

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