Thursday, October 25, 2007

HSBC Max ATM Witdrawal

I remembered that some time ago we can withdraw RM2000 per transaction per day at HSBC ATM. So we went to give it a try last night because for every RM1500, my SGD account will deduct SGD5. Oh ya, forgot to clarify that I am actually withdrawing from my SGD account, not local account.

Unfortunately, the max amount per transaction at HSBC ATM is also RM1500. So we cancel our transaction and walk across to Maybank because since the amount is the same, it will be more convenient for us to withdraw and deposit in the same bank.

This time we tried to withdraw the 4th time but it is over the limit per day. At least we know now that you can only withdraw max 3 x RM1500. Then I bid good bye to my money as hubby deposits it to his brother account.

Looks like we have to visit the bank a few more times.

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