Friday, October 12, 2007

Holiday Mood

I am in a holiday mood today. Tomorrow is Hari Raya and tomorrow is also the day I will meet another Michelle for the first time. I am very excited about it. I kept telling myself to behave and carry myself well when we meet. Must give her good impression. Sounds like I am going to be her daughter in law like that! haha.

Anyway, the office is quite. Most of the Malays have started their holiday. Both bosses not in too because the schools are closed. So they will spend time with their children. This is a good opportunity for me to blog away but I have no mood.

Today is also the Operation Manager last day. I am feeling quite sad that he is leaving. But it is for the best, for his future. Ya, no future working here.

So, I think I will just stop here and go read my Narnia which has been collecting dust.

Toodles. :D

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