Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Feminine Sports Shoe

I have not been wearing sports shoe since I left campus. During those day, I really walk a lot, from one lecture hall to another and sports shoe is the most comfortable shoe to wear.

During the recent meet with Msau and Jess, I noticed that they are wearing sports shoe too and me in my Crocs. They told me that it is more comfortable than Crocs. That I cannot deny.

So I am thinking of getting a pair for myself. I always thought that sports shoes are not feminine until I found this shoe at Zappos.com.

I want it! With Zappos coupons, I get discount for it too. Must go browse through the store and find a purple sports shoe for my 2nd girl. I hope I can get more saving with Zappos discount codes. Oh ya, you can get the coupons from eDealFinder.com.

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