Saturday, October 06, 2007

Expensive Watch

I am sad to see this watch lying on the cupboard without any owner. It was a gift my customer and since my wrist is too small, it does not fit me and I gave it to hubby. At first he told me that the base of the watch is white, quite difficult to read the time and now he complaints that the strap absorbs his sweat and it became smelly.

He wants a watch like the above. Can you guess how much it is? USD13k! It's IWC brand, owned by the Swatch Group. This brand has been worn in many movies by Jacques Cousteau. All this while I thought he does not have expensive taste! :P

1 comment:

David Bong said...

No lah... not so expensive watch lah. But if you can afford it... buy lah for me... lol