Monday, October 22, 2007

Copy & Paste Opp

Do you know that there is a blog advertiser that gives you the option either to write your own post or copy and paste their ready made ads? Yes! They allow you to do that! Isn't that heaven for those who lazy to think and write their own? Hahaha.

But not me ok. :P I will rewrite to suit my blogging style of course. No matter how lazy I am at times, I will sure add a line or two to the ready made ones.

How much they pay for it? $5 for each but you can only take 3 opps per month per blog. And max 10 opps per account. So far they only accept blog with own domain and with PR. This blog of mine rejected by them. :(

So to those who are lazy and have their own domain with min of PR1 go sign up with

Btw, I am not getting paid to write this. Writing this for the sake of other bloggers who may not know about them. :) I so nice hor? :P

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