Thursday, September 13, 2007

Still Have Annual Leave to Utilize?

I am going for a vacation tomorrow. Not really a vacation per se, I am going for a church camp. It will be held at one of the resorts in Port Dickson. To me, where there is a beach, that is vacation for me. Hehe. With this, my annual leave is gone for the year because my company does not give many annual leave; maximum 16 days, no matter how many years you’ve worked for them.

Unlike other companies, they have to force their employees to utilize their annual leave before year end. One of my customers and my sister too are going to Bali next week. I wish I have more annual leave so that I can join them too. Oh well, life goes on.

To those who have to finish their annual leave by end of this year and do not know where to go and where to stay, check out the Free vacation rental listings at Tiny Surfer. It is actually a website for those who own vacation rental and condo to advertise their product for free. It is the largest collection of listings that I ever come across. It covers most of the countries in the world and the most popular search is the Telluride vacation rental. Check them out, you might fall in love with Telluride.

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