Thursday, September 06, 2007

ReviewMe User Account Warning

I hope that ReviewMe will change their standard email that is sent to those who forget to place the word “Sponsored Post” in the post they wrote for them.

I did my first post for them this month and forgotten to place the magic word on my post and I received the love email from ReviewMe.

ReviewMe User Account Warning
You have been rejected twice this month for violation of the campaign review rules. If you are rejected again, your account will be suspended.

Does warning have to be sent to first timer too? If yes, please don’t simply say it is the second time. Make people like me scratch their head wondering when is the first offense committed for the month.

Isn't site wide disclosure policy sufficient? You see that cute little blue "I Disclose" badge on my sidebar. Not good enough?

1 comment:

montessorimum said...

oooh... I received that a few times too. Each time it makes me panic.

Previously I didn't even know how to resubmit a rejected post, I thought they just buta buta reject without giving reason. :D