Thursday, September 06, 2007

Buy House Again

One of my colleagues just bought another house. A few months before that she bought a new scooter too. I asked her whether she will be renting one of the houses, she said, “No.” She told me that she will be keeping both houses. Once the second house is ready, she will furnish it and stay there on weekends. They are not rich. She is just a clerk earning less than 1k a month and her husband is a low rank policeman.

So I was asking her about how she is going to pay for all the expenses. She said that she will think about it later. Mostly importantly get what she wanted first. Think about the money later. There are a lot of credit cards around. With this kind of attitude, I am sure she will need Debt Relief soon. I hope she won’t need to declare bankruptcy or else she might need to consider debt settlement for her Debt Relief.

This is how debt settlement works; the debt settlement companies will negotiate with the creditors to settle an amount less than the balance owed. Normally creditors will accept it because if the debtors declare bankruptcy, then the creditor would receive nothing.

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