Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No Signature, Cannot Sue

We just received feedback from the company's lawyer that we cannot sue the company that accused us of producing recycle oil because the lab report that was given by them is without a signature.

Later the lawyer discovered that the first and second copy of the report has a different font. You see, during the meet up at the customer office, our managers saw the 2nd page of the lab report has the word "Recycle Oil". However we were only furnished with the first page. When asked for the second page, they were reluctant to give. After much persuasion, they faxed us the second page but not the actual second page that our managers saw. When we asked for it, they said, that is the only second page they have. They denied having another second page with the word "Recycle Oil" on it.

We did not notice that the font was different until the lawyer points it out to us. It seems that the customer is trying to cover up for that competitor who furnishes the lab report.

Well, case close. We are not going to deal with this customer anymore since they are not being honest to us.

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