Sunday, September 02, 2007

Colloidal Silver for Lady Boss

Sickness does not choose whether you are rich or poor. For example, my boss’ family, they always fall sick. Even if they control their food intake, they still fall sick than we do. Sometimes, being too clean does not help to keep you healthy. Even some minor bacteria can cause you to fall sick because the body immune system does not recognize that bacteria and has not come develop the antibody to fight the bacteria.

They consider colloidal silver because it works on behalf of the body’s immune system, eliminating unhealthy cells and eradicating microorganisms before they develop into illness or disease. It is known as nature’s antibiotic. I read that silver has been used decades ago to prevent food from getting spoilt due to bacteria growth. That is why you noticed in the olden days they love using silverware to keep their drinks and food. Silverware is very expensive there days, so colloidal silver is the best solution to kick the bacteria away from our body.

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