Saturday, September 01, 2007

Calculative SIL

Some people are way too calculative. SIL A told me that her husband borrowed some cash from his younger brother. His wife, SIL B charges 5% interest and will rush her husband to get the money back from them as soon as possible. To me that is unreasonable. Firstly, siblings should help each other and not charging interest. Secondly, they should give them more time to save the money before returning it back to them; not that they are in urgent need of the cash.

SIL B is back here and I showed her the maid profile and the fee. She knew that I would be paying half of the maid salary. Earlier, the arrangement is, to get a maid to accompany MIL. All hubby’s sibling shares the cost. Since the maid will be here, I am sure; she will help to take care of my children too. So to avoid disputes later, I volunteered to pay half of the maid salary.

In the total amount to be paid to the Maid Agency, the first 5.5 months salary is included. SIL B told me that that amount should be excluded because it will be postdated cheque of 5.5 months salary. Indirectly, she is trying to tell me that that amount should not be taken from the family fund because half of it should come from my pocket.

I volunteered to pay remember? I can change my mind anytime. :P

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SYH said...

Is she doing accounting or what? Looks more calculative then me.

5% interest? better then save in FD huh? haha