Thursday, August 23, 2007

Take a break, Go Holiday

Life is very stressful. I had a stressful day today. A customer called complaining that our supplier that I recommend is not performing up to their expectation. She told me that she wanted to vomit blood talking to that supplier and asked me to follow-up. The supplier however blamed his assistant who just resigned for not informing him about the pending job. Well, to me, he is to be blamed; he should follow-up with her before she resigned. Anyway, he will get the job done soon.

I am only working in a fairly small company. No wonder those who work in MNC will surely spend to enjoy their vacation and de-stress. Some even willing to spend to take a break in one of the Hawaii home rentals. If you too thinking about spending your holiday in Hawaii, check out the Hawaii vacation info for more information about your Hawaii vacation and the great deals that they have to offer.

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