Saturday, August 18, 2007

Protecting The Competitor

My boss is VERY upset with ABC Company that sent our oil to the competitor for testing. Not because they sent our oil there but because they protected that company by not providing us the complete lab report from that competitor. The lab report comes in 3 pages but only 2 pages were faxed to us. The page that has the word "Recycle Oil" was not faxed to us and the Asst. GM denied that there is such a page but both our Managers saw it with their own eyes.

My company survives by its good reputation with most International Oil MNC. If this report land in their hands, we are doom! This is the main reason that boss is going to sue that competitor for providing such comment in the lab report.

I have worked with this company for more than 8 years, we NEVER produce recycle oil.

Due to this issue, we are not going to proceed with ABC Company orders. They are just about to start coming out their own brand and we as their product manufacturer. They rather protect our competitors than us, so where does this business relationship leads?

Boss already in China today. I don't think he can really enjoy his vacation with this problem in his mind. He was so angry that day until he mentioned that "I am going to 'F' him (the Asst GM) and call him Chicken in front of his CEO!"

I have already sent the email with regards to this issue to the Asst GM and cc to his CEO. Hope things can be settle out of court.

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