Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My trip to PJ

It was the first time for me to travel with my big boss without his wife (lady boss). It was kinda awkward and I felt uneasy. My boss was a sport. He tried making conversation with me all the way to PJ. Mostly about work lar. :P

Once we arrived the customer's office, I was the center of attraction (Oooo) not my boss, everyone in the office coming to greet me. Felt like celebrity only! hehe. Well, this is their first time meeting me. Most of them. One of them can even recognise me coz she sees my face in my blog. Yes, I share my blog with even customer! She is a mother of three. We chat about our children too besides work over the phone. hehe.

I took photo with ALL of them coz my colleague want to see how they look like.

One thing I can say, you cannot predict their appearance thru their voice. I thought the accounts manager was a big size and fierce looking lady by her voice I hear over the phone. When I met her, to my surprise she was so petite. I was bigger and taller than her and I consider myself petite! After that day, I won't be scared to call her for payment. Hahaha.

Their new office is very new and nice. Food served were very delicious but I didn't try their ABC coz I was too full after my 2nd serving. And the highlight of the office opening ceremony is the dragon dance.

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